Nepali Unicode

Nepali Unicode is an easiest tool for typing or writing in Nepali language. With this tool you can write in Nepali font using any browsers & devices (Computer, Laptop, Tablet, and mobile). It is very useful and easy tool for type Nepali. Because You don’t need to know Nepali keyword lauout. On Unicode Converter, you just need to type in roman Nepali. "like (sanchai hunuhunchha)" Then this tool auto convert into the Nepali font.

Typing in Preeti font using the keyword layout is not easy for all people. Over training long time, learning doing long practice you can type in Nepali with Nepali keyword layout. But Nepali Unicode Converter is very easy for all. With this tool you can use your Facebook, Instragram chatting language. The tool is given below practice yourself.

How to Use Nepali Unicode Converter?

Nepali Unicode is very easy to use with this method. Just type in Roman Nepali you type messages in Mobile, like Messenger Instragram chat and press space bar. It will automatically convert into Nepali Language. Easy Nepali Typing is an easiest and fastest method for writing in Nepali, without learning the Nepali keyboard layout actually.

Type in roman Nepali on (Type in Roman box) and its auto converts a Nepali font on (Nepali Unicode box). After completing typing just click on select all button to select all text. Then copy your text using copy button.

This is a easiest web tool for making easy to type Nepali for everyone. Unicode Converter made for roman Nepali to Preeti font convert. It's made simple to write Nepali language for all. The small chart how it works is given below.

  k - क् | ka - क | kaa - का  
  ki - कि | kii - की | ku - कु  
  kuu - कू | ke - के | kai - कै  
  ko - को | kau - कौ | na - न  
  Na - ण | nga - ङ | yn - ञ  
  chha - छ | ta - त | Ta - ट  
  tha - थ | Tha - ठ | da - द  
  Da - ड | dha - ध | Dha - ढ  
  wa - व | sa - स | sha - श  
  Sha - ष | ksha - क्ष | tra - त्र  
  wa - व | jYna - ज्ञ | shra - श्र  
  i - इ | ii - ई | e - ए  
  * - ं | ** - ँ | rree - ऋ  

It is a small table, with this you can understand how works this tool and also help you to write the correct Nepali language. If you face any issue on typing you can watch this table and learn exactly how to write in Nepali this.

What is Nepali Unicode?

It is one best web tool developed to convert writing in roman to Devanagari scripts. Typing fonts in nepali, Need for this type of converter tools because Windows and web pages do not support text written in fonts other than Unicode. This is beneficial for the those people who used to write in roman Nepali style and it is easy to write. Usage of the tool is very easy, user can use the software to convert roman to Nepali, it's also free tool. It's also available in google play store.

Share issue to helps Us

We hope, Nepali Unicode help for easier and faster Nepali writing, we also regularly update our tool to make more easier. (Google, Neupane, YouTube, Twitter is our some recent updates). If you have any issue with typing any words or font you can say that issue with our team by Contact US we try to update or fix that problem.