Nepali Unicode Romanized

Nepali Unicode Romanized is a converting method that allows a user to type Nepali easily. Typing in Nepali Unicode form automatically converts romanized Nepali text into a Nepali font called Nepali Unicode. This Nepali Unicode is widely used in various applications and online portals. This can be used in online portals like Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Traditional method: When typing according to this method, a s d f g is used to insert. This means that those who have experience with a typewriter or are accustomed to typing in fonts like Preeti or Kantipur may find this method easy.

The Romanized Method: This is the most widely used method of entering Nepali Unicode. And if any new person is learning to type Nepali Unicode, this method is suggested. When we type the English key (in Roman) on the keyboard, the letters and words are entered in Nepali. After practicing for some time, this method can be used to write Nepali in a very fast and simple way.

Importants of Nepali Unicode Romanization

Even after so many years of Nepali Unicode and many people don’t know about it. Many people still don't know that Nepali Unicode can be typed in Nepali directly from their computer, mobile, and other electronic devices, not only in any application like Microsoft Office's Word, Excel, or PowerPoint but in online portals like Yahoo, Google Talk, or any other messaging application. As mentioned above, writing in the Nepali language is not only available in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad, and WordPad, but also in various other applications.

You don't need an online converter, and you can type in Nepali by typing directly on the computer keyboard. By writing directly in this way, you save a lot of time and energy. The most important thing is to type in Nepali. You don’t need to be a computer expert or proficient in computer systems. This is a very simple process, and anyone who knows how to type in English can write in Nepali.

Nepali Unicode Romanized Keyboard Layout HD Image

Nepali Unicode Romanized Keyboard Layout

Nepali Unicode Romanized Keyboard Layout in PDF

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